Grafton is a quaint town with a small population of 604 people, Lovely old buildings in Grafton while its population may be small, and its legacies almost non-existent, any aerial photo of the area taken from the eastern English countryside of Wiltshire, will amaze anyone with its lush green pastures, and its natural history is often the cause of several archeological digs within the area.

The town also lies in somewhat close proximity to Scunthorpe.

Grafton, Wiltshire is run through a parish council, with three different sectors of the council allocated to the appropriate areas of government.

Grafton is known for its tightly knit community due to the small size of the population – However, the size of population does not affect the way the community conducts business and government matters.

Grafton Lock Grafton, Hereford is yet another small civil parish town located in one of the many shires of England. With an estimated population of 75 the population of Grafton, Hereford is considerably smaller than the small town of Grafton, Wiltshire.

Despite that fact, the town boasts bed and breakfast cottages and many opportune places to stay during a quiet weekend away. It also has its own car sales lot, and other cafes and small shops that are great for browsing.

Grafton’s Montford Bridge in Shrewsbury, also located in England is again larger than the previous Graftons. This time with its own school, Grafton Elementary, several hotels with views that are available for holidays and other vacations as well as several properties to rent in the more prominent areas of Montford Bridge.

Montford Bridge was named after the bridge in the town, which is now a listed building protected from any further unnecessary changes to its design – made out of red sandstone and constructed by the most competent architects and builders of the time.